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Assalammualaikum wr wb, rekan rekan pecinta vidio Peluang Usaha yang saya banggakan, kali ini saya ingin berbagi vidi tentang BERSIAPLAH BANTU EKONOMI KELUARGA ANDA💲PELUANG USAHA RUMAHAN BELUM ADA YANG TAU POTENSI MENJANJIKAN dengan harapan bisa dijadikan tontonan yang akan menjadi tuntunan dalam menjalankan berbagai usaha di dunia ini.

Hi, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello friends, all welcome back to the sipolan kitchen where you often prescribe business ideas, of course with super economic capital, the profit potential is huge, from two corns, so Rp. 100 is sold for a thousand profit

Up to 250 percent. No one knows the secret of this sale. Okay friends , let’s just produce this very delicious dry snack and of course luckily I’m very bored Okay for the main ingredients here I use two sweet corn, especially the corn

, let’s take it off our friends so it’s easier to take it off then we cut the corn first so that it’s easier for us to take it off, child, something like this, if we weigh it, the seeds weigh approximately 500grams after washing it clean

Then I will puree the corn using a blender without adding water Hey friends, we puree it without adding water so that later we don’t add the body too much so the taste of corn is still very good Okay, after the corn is smooth, we

Just pour it or we just move the situation then I add one chicken egg and half a teaspoon of salt or can be adjusted to taste, then this is Adam so that in 2 tablespoons so that later the results it can be more crunchy, brittle and certainly tasty, friends,

Then we stir it first so that the ingredients that were added earlier can be mixed evenly Okay for the ingredients Next I add tapioca flour about 5 tablespoons or there are still 10 to 100 grams, then we stir- Stir first , friends so that the tapioca flour can be mixed evenly Hi friends

Okay for the next step we will add a little flour Yes while stirring, friends, Yes, if the dough still feels soft like this, then we add more flour flour, then we stir again while we are about Ilman if the dough still feels mushy, then we add the flour again, so from two

Sweet corn or 500gram weight that has been blended earlier, the total flour I use is about 10, friends. And this depends on how the water content in the corn is if you add When the water was in the blender, the flour usage could automatically be

More and of course the results would also be more, but if you don’t use too much flour, the corn taste automatically still feels like it’s your friends, so it’s up to each other to want more results, just add water when Blending the corn

But in my opinion the amount of flour is just right and the taste is really good. Okay, after us and then we’re crazy. Always use the Ambia machine with the thickest thickness, Yahdihim Eusina, usually, that’s the lack of one, we clear up to 4-5 rounds

, yes or no until the surface it’s kinda Chinese Ratatouille like i Here’s a friend, then I moved it to the number three suit, Yana’s friends, it’s a little thin, yes, but don’t be too thin, friends, because later we will shape it like a stick, finally like

This, and for friends who don’t have a raffia machine, you can roll it out using an Alvin rubener or used bottles, just for friends who want more products for this business, so that it’s more practical, use Agya machines like this, the more we produce, the more chances we

Have to get a lot of profit, the bigger the profit, that is, getting to know this business, which is the multiplier The more we produce, the more chances we have to make big profits or the bigger profits. Okay, then we move on to the

Sigmund mill. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little flour so it doesn’t stick to each other, but if it’s dry, it doesn’t seem like it sticks together, friends- friends, okay friends, after we print it in the form of cuttings next I will cut it into pieces the size of a corn kernel, so after

Frying it will be in the form of corn kernels, friends, and it is very crispy and crispy and definitely sings very tasty. each other if the dough is often OK , then we just fry it in oil because I’m friends, now we fry

Until the color turns brownish yellow or until the water content is also there Yes Well, don’t forget to turn it over so that it cooks evenly and so it doesn’t it’s easy to burn the fried results, make sure the oil is hot, Sabila, by

Setting the stove fire, it tends to be too small, now there are no more oil bubbles, it’s just the messenger, the sign is ripe, it’s sure there’s no more water , right? if friends fry in the right way cemi and this corn can last for more than a month,

Okay, so that this snack is more delicious and has many flavors, then I will sprinkle the sow seasoning, yes, there is a taste of grilled barbeque corn and balado after being removed from the heat and drained as we take 30 seconds, we just sprinkle the seasoning So that it sticks

OK, then we just fry the rest. Once again, make sure friends fry it in the right way so that the crispy corn can last longer. Well, if this snack can last a long time, automatically, our chances of losing are very slim, so make sure friends friends fry it in the right way

Okay for the taste variants can be sprinkled with seasoning sprinkled with flavored Berbek iu grilled corn or maybe the Balado Nea is actually without sprinkled with various Spoon seasonings . The taste variant , so that we can spoil the taste of the buyer’s eyes, we sprinkle the seasoning with Now, the taste

Is different, so that buyers are never bored and our efforts can survive in the market because people never get bored, Bang Poland friends, while making it 10-15 packs can be used up, which is because it doesn’t bore this channel, especially with

Crispy ones . -the crunchy with this variant of the taste of life is a coat. Okay, then let’s just pack this snack for the plastic packaging. Here I use a size of six by 10 cm with a selling price of 1000, or plants can also sell 1500, please adjust it according

To the selling power in their respective areas or friends, you can pack it into a bigger size plastic, yes, so that it can be deposited in the store, okay, we’ll just cover it with wax, as seen, but for friends who have good taste, skipping using

Taste can be faster and neater. Okay, from one recipe. Here are two corns, one kilo of wheat flour, you get 100 packs of friends. If we do too I’ve made thousands of rupiah. Wow, this snack is really big, fortunately, my friends, for the total capital, the total

Is around 27-30, my friends, yes, the calculation will depend on the price of corn in each region, for the use of oil from one km to use and that’s it used up , only about four to 500 grams of this AC Milan recipe, yes, because

This channel does not absorb a lot of oil, okay for Nurmayanti Ciwaru, you can change it into plastic to Pekan size 20 by 32 or you can just put it in a basket like this,

OK? friends, you can cut down the stall or you can sell it in your own shop, the selling price can be 1000 or one thousand 200, please adjust it to the selling price in your respective area Okay friends, all a little more often, hopefully useful for friends in need, sorry if

There are wrong words, see you soon on another occasion wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Dari 2 buah jagung bisa jadi 100rb, di jual 1000 potensi untung hingga 250%, Belum ada yang tau rahasia jualan ini..!! Jagung …


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