Is Network Marketing the Best Home-Based-Business Idea?

Yudha MAR

You would probably get 10 different answers if you ask 10 different people what the best home based business idea is. I think a case can be made that network marketing is as strong of a business idea for working at home as you will come across.
Let me explain why I think that.
1. There are very few legitimate residual income Internet opportunities today. There certainly are many ways to make money online, but not very many of them allow you to earn a residual income for work you are doing right now.
The network marketing business model allows you to build a network of distributors and get paid on the work they do. As they build their own downline your group is being built as well.
Successful network marketers combine a concept of building a width of distributors and then working with those to build a depth of distributors to. This is just one half of what makes a successful Internet marketing business.
The other half is when product is moved either through retail sales or wholesale purchases. Because nobody makes any money until products are moved this makes it a fantastic home-based business idea.
It forces people to get in the mode of operating a real business and not just sponsoring new distributors. Nobody makes any money until product is moved.
2. The Internet makes it possible to build a worldwide business and this is another reason why I like this idea. Many MLM companies are built around products that are Internet based. This just means there’s no shipping involved and the products can be instantly accessed online.
When you think about the power of that you realize how you can legitimately build a large network of distributors. When you realize how many millions access the Internet every day the idea that you could build a downline of thousands of people is not very far fetched.
One of the most searched keywords on the Internet today is make money. People are looking for ways to make money and your network marketing opportunity can be just what they are looking for.
3. Most network marketing companies provide fantastic products, marketing tools, and back end training to help you be successful. This is necessary because none of us are born with Internet marketing skills.

I could write more but this should give you a few things to think about. In my opinion network marketing is the best home based business idea for anyone to join today.

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